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Shower Pans and Waterproofing

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

After install, I flood test all my shower pans and make sure there is no leakage. I stand behind the products I install. In todays field there is no shortage for innovations. Recently, I was getting a shower pan for a customer when the company I get my product from, "shout out to Shower Customs"! They showed me mock up reinforced foam shower pan tiled and grouted. I was super impressed after they told me they had been driving over it and there was no damage! That just goes to show you the strength of new products!!! I love that as an installer!!! I only knew dry pack mud pans and liner for a long time until I learned foam. Now with strength applications, it makes it even more valuable. The best liquid waterproofing IMO Is Hydroban. Prefoil and proband for waterproofing fabric, plus inside/outside corners , seams with a 3 inch over lap. Red guard is decent and will also work. In my opinion hydroban seems to be a better product. I like to use the banding in seams and the niche as well. There is another product I use to seal around the drain as well as corners. then flood test.

Dry pack takes little longer IMO but still works. I can go over my typical install.

Starts: Pre slope, framing fur out, curb damn wood or cement, plastic preform, zero entry. Then you run liner 6-8 inches up the wall along studs, install drain flange, set height on drain for slope per pan size. Dry pack tour slope to the drain. Any way you do it waterproofing Is a good idea. Hydroban or fabric. Some installers will not use a Liner and do what's called hybrid or "frankenshower" where they use old methods with new. By using the fabric or hydroban it also creates waterproof shower pans. So there are quite a few methods to get things done.

My preference is the foam composite for reason it is easier to carry and install. My back says thank you. It doesn't have dust particles that will kill me in it when I mix it. My lungs thank me for that. It is quicker than other methods and time is money. My wallet thanks me for that. I want to save people money. You'll hopefully be thankful for that as well. Let's face it, it's innovative, it can literally be made so strong it can be driven over it without damage and that's incredible! I'll build it with that strength if you ask for that specification! That being said it's strong on its own, so in most scenarios it's not needed. It comes pre sloped, so you know it will drain and the slope is consistent! Price? A typical shower pan with the waterproofing in the picture, before tile, is around $700.00 in material. That includes a pre sloped foam pan/ curb, drain kit, and drain cover plate, waterproofing, sealant, banding, 2 bags of thinset. Prices are obv subject To change. Well that's been my blog today on shower pans and if you have any questions please reach out!!! Please do not hesitate and let Wolfe Tils get a project knocked out for you!

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