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Wolfe Tile determination

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Wolfe tile has been at it since 2002. I've worked on commercial tile in hospitals, schools, churches, businesses. I've done industrial tile in a factory. I've done residential new construction and remodels. I've project managed and been a foreman for large commercial projects as well as residential. I've estimated and sent bids to high volume companies with a quick turn over rate. What ever your project is I can handle it with confidence. What sets me apart is I'm able to see the project before it happens. This allows me to catch details that would for most go under the radar. Because of my expertise I am able to prevent mistakes and create a streamlined plan of action. I've spent many years at the mercy of companies that fail to recognize factors that determine timeline, accuracy of a bid/ tile order, and obstacles to overcome. I can save customers from having the headaches I have experienced working through other companies. Because of my attention to detail every step of the way will be recognizable and sure footed. You can count on Wolfe Tile to deliver an amazing product.

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